like a shadow on my mind (p 2)

Who am I?

Am I happy with what I put out into the world?

What am I grateful for?

What do I want to manifest?

How can I do better?

Am I being kind in my actions?

Do I give love?

Do I allow myself to receive love in return?

What ripples am I sending forth?

Who do I choose to be?

The Effect:

After I passed what I now refer to as my “what fresh hell is this” stage, I began a new cycle of self-discovery. I started simplifying – dropping everyone and everything that I felt was not working for me. I started feeling my way away from stressors and unhealthy associations. I started working on my boundaries (not my forte) and valuing my worth in order to start calling in what was needed. It’s been therapeutic doing my own thing and this new, I am finding, will most certainly be an ongoing process.. tending the garden so to speak.

As I started shaping my new normal, I began forming a manifestation process tailored to what works best for me (as I feel we all should).. cobbling together things here and there from too many sources. Nothing really is ever new I have found. After reading all I could and taking all loads of classes, I found many overlapping techniques – some worked for me and some not so much. It’s a process. Timing my work to harness the moon’s cyclic energies, I picked those bits that suited best. I am still that messy little dirt witch at heart after all, and nature has always been my best teacher. Yet again it appears that I am the Fool stepping out on my own journey.. only this time it is by my own hand.

Published by morgan michelle

a journey of self and finding happiness in the small moments

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