the thing about slowing down

It seems to me that we spend most of our time looking back at the what ifs or gazing forward in anticipation of the one day I wills. I have certainly caught myself up in these more than I care to admit.. and sometimes the what ifs can really be most brutal. With so much fear and uncertainty in our world at the moment, it seems very easy to do.

Most days I am just happy to be alive, eat dinner with the husband (and my gorgeous monster kitties), and have space to occupy in my cozy little hut. Here’s the thing though, life fundamentally is full of uncertain and that moment is what is most important.. it is where you make those choices to focus on what best moves you forward.

Another thing I have noticed, disheartening as it is, is that when I do stop to take a breath of observation.. I feel like I still see far too much indifference. Change is definitely needed.. and Mother Nature as we all have come to respect in her great beauty and rhythms, is an excellent balancer. I hold strong in this. I have to when I look around the world outside my garden walls and see all that is.

I believe on some level we are all aware of these cycles, even when we choose to look away. We shouldn’t, mind you, but sadly.. I can only make my own. I live in hope that after everything, a shifting towards better will continue and gain movement. As individuals, we can make seemingly small choices that together, can add up to so much more. Every little bit counts, we are all connected in this web.

The thing about slowing down, for me personally, is that it has been an amazing exercise in awareness of my immediate. In the mundane I am using this time to further streamline my everyday. I am moving my daily into cleaner, healthier, more sustainable in any small way I can. I am learning to grow some of my own food and that which cannot be squeezed into my teeny garden, I am trying to make better choices on.

In the spiritual, I am helping support causes where I can and hold space for those in need. The mundane may read very unimportant considering all that is, and on some level I guess that is so, but it is my bit of freedom and I am grateful to have it since it wasn’t always so. Still, more simplicity equals more time to put into energies elsewhere needed and keeps me moving – every little ripple and all that..

Published by morgan michelle

a journey of self and finding happiness in the small moments

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