crystals are the bones of the earth

”Where we believe what is given to us by the earth is all we really need to live happy and healthy lives” – Tamed Wild

Years ago I wrote on feeling the draw towards working with crystals after years of being a rock/shell/feather dedicant. I had been picking up one here and there, but with so many clouds around sourcing I never fully immersed. We do What we can to care for Mother Earth, and for every person that can’t be everything.. just the best one can. I release this.

Recently I revisited, the idea that crystals are the bones of the earth floating about. I have a couple of local (ish) people/places of trust and when asked for a simpler start I was directed to Tamed Wild. I couldn’t find sourcing information, but I very much like that they are partnered with the American Forests fund. Why not let the universe decide what’s needed?

My first was amethyst, an amethyst moon ring and some rough emerald. Amethyst, a favorite of my Pisces soul, is said to be a sleep helper – soothing the mind and the nervous system. I have also found it to be good for dreamwork. Emerald is aligned with the heart chakra and said to be a stone that amplifies love and friendship. I put both of these beside my bed.. it seemed fitting.

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a journey of self and finding happiness in the small moments

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